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ASB North Wharf

Northern Region

Located on the Viaduct in the recently developed Wynyard Quarter, ASB’s new head office proudly displays its services for all to see and has incorporated them as a dominant architectural feature within the space.

The energy efficient complex planned to reduce operational costs through intelligent design including the tailored heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The open-plan, activity based design of the building, was well suited to a mixed mode building that combines a displacement air-conditioning system with opening windows and a roof mounted funnel that induces air movement through the building.

This means the HVAC systems installed will only operate for approximately 60 percent of the time resulting in a sizeable 40-50 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Aquaheat's expertise and experience were put to good use for the execution of such a complex commercial build, where the majority of spaces have no ceiling and the building services were on display and needed to be installed to achieve a high standard of finish.

A unique example are the main supply air ducts that drop through the central atrium that have no visible means of supports, but achieve the required seismic ratings using a bespoke designed internal structure.

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