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David Jones - Wellington


The new David Jones store in Wellington is the first for the retail giant outside of Australia. The store operates across three floors offering men’s and women’s fashion, beauty, accessories, homewares and a premium café on the third floor.

The new retail levels are served by 4 ventilation systems each with an associated air handling unit all of which are fully economised.

The new retail store is served by a low temperature VAV system, 85 in total individually controlled by wall mounted temperature sensors. The air handling plant, resized risers and new on-floor ductwork supplies the new pressure independent terminal boxes.

All ductwork is typically run at high level within provided bulkheads using sheetmetal and TD Panel ductwork. Air is via ceiling mounted swirl diffusers.

Chilled water (CW) has been provided by 2 new 310kW 4/ Hermetic Scroll R410A air cooled chillers. Each chiller serves the air handling units on its respective side of the building. The chillers are combined into a single system serving all 4 AHUs.

To separate the heated water (HW) system from the tower systems a new set of gas fired 130 kW condensing boilers dedicated to the retail tenancies has been installed into the Level 3 North plantroom. The boilers serve all 4 AHUs and the VAV reheat coils on both sides of the building.

A new cafe commercial grade kitchen extract system has been provided compete with a new Halton ‘Capturejet’ kitchen hood over the cooking equipment with makeup air via a separate tempered supply system.

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