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Aquaheat New Zealand Limited (Aquaheat) is an industry-leading HVAC/mechanical services contractor within New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. Delivering specialist services to the highest standards means customers can rely on a proven record of accomplishment, industry expertise and the assurance that our capable and experienced team will keep systems operating at full potential. Aquaheat’s unwavering objective is to establish long and trusted relationships with customers based on quality installations, long-term reliable performance through service delivery that provides superior value.

With more than 60 years’ experience providing complex or unique HVAC / mechanical design, installation and service solutions nationwide, we understand what it takes to ensure high quality projects are completed on time, safely and within the agreed budget. Over the years, we have grown to employ more than 300 full-time employees operating out of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and more recently Suva and Nadi.

We serve our customers from a proactive problem solving space; our team think outside the square and offer valuable guidance and input from design through to maintenance.

Aquaheat is a member of the Horizon Energy Group that is 100% owned by the Trust Horizon (formerly Eastern Bay Energy Trust). For further information, visit the Group’s website at

Aquaheat Facility Services Limited

Aquaheat Facility Services Limited is a dynamic, industry leading solutions orientated company that invests in customer relationships through effective  communication. Our unique strength shows in the way we organise systems and services that create additional value, add long term benefit and contribute to smoother day-to-day operations for our customers, their staff and customers, and their facilities.

We deliver services for all different property types through dedicated teams backed by a regional best practices platform. Our professionals can provide the following essential services:

  • Mechanical Services
    • Boilers;
    • Cold water tanks;
    • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; and
    • BMS.
  • Property Services
    • Carpentry;
    • Roofing;
    • Grounds maintenance and pathways; and
    • Access control.
  • Electrical Services
    • Lighting - internal and external;
    • Power;
    • Fire alarms; and
    • Emergency lighting.
  • Health and Safety Services.

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited delivers specialist building services throughout Fiji. We’re well known as one of the country’s leading HVAC / mechanical contractors. With a successful track record in a diverse range of building services contracting, we have the resources and expertise to successfully deliver large, high quality projects safely, on time and within budget.

We are a total solutions provider. Working in partnership with our customers, we include them at every stage of the project.  From design to installation, project management through to commissioning and maintenance – we ensure that our customers are part of every process.

We are supported with a wealth of 60 years of experience being a significant part of many large, unique projects in diverse market sectors throughout New Zealand and now more recently in Fiji, with a number of landmark projects. 

We now deliver HVAC /  mechanical installation services out of our Nadi and Suva based offices in the Fiji Islands.  

For more information, please visit

Colt Products and Systems

You’ll find examples of Colt Products and Systems technology in hundreds of New Zealand’s most important buildings – manufactured, installed and serviced by us. The build and running cost savings of using these low energy, high thermal efficiency products and systems has been proven in over 76 countries.

Colt Products and Systems has been a part of Aquaheat since 1999. We’re the sole New Zealand licensee for Colt ventilation, fire and smoke control products.

We have access to the latest international technology through our close partnership with Colt International’s world-renowned experts. When combined with our own highly skilled team of engineers and fabricators, you’re guaranteed spectacular results.

Colt Products and Systems provides a wide range of products and services for the built environment. We design and install systems for natural ventilation, performance louvres and smoke control and solar shading systems.

Our range includes:

  • Smoke Control Systems
  • Natural Ventilation Systems
  • Adiabatic Air Conditioning
  • Solar Shading
  • Induction Car Park Ventilation
  • Louvres Systems
  • Service of systems and equipment

For more information, please visit

Classic Metal™

Classic Metal™ is the specialist roofing and cladding division of Aquaheat New Zealand Limited, providing specialist roofing and cladding solutions for all building applications regardless of size, sector or complexity.

The Classic Metal™ team have the skill, knowledge and experience to assist you in the design of roofing and facade systems that will stand the test of time.  

For more information, please visit

Horizon Energy Group

As a member of the Horizon Energy Group,  Aquaheat is a well-resourced and experienced building services contractor and facility services provider. Horizon Energy Group is one of New Zealand’s 29 electricity distribution businesses and is a New Zealand owned and operated company, 100% owned by Trust Horizon.

Up until July 2015 it was a listed company on the NZ Stock Exchange. Horizon Energy Group is well established with assets in excess of $200m.

Horizon Energy Group own and operate businesses in the HVAC / mechanical, electrical and refrigeration industries throughout New Zealand and the Fiji Islands.

Vision and Values

Aquaheat, as a member of the Horizon Energy Group, have people who are engaged and inspired – a strong support network and sense of community unites us. We have worked hard to create a culture embracing diversity and innovation, where all staff are empowered to make decisions and step outside the box.

Our guiding principles of Sustainability, Winning, Innovation, Trust, Customer Focus and Health and Safety (SWITCH) are at the heart of everything we do.

Environmental Responsibility

We take a broad, long-term view of environmental sustainability through informed and balanced decision-making processes, minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, supporting local communities, dealing fairly and responsibly with suppliers and valuing our people and our customers.

Energy efficiency is a key aspect of Aquaheat’s integrated business, investment decisions and sustainability agenda. Our goal is to ensure energy efficiency is embedded as a core value within the business and becomes enduring and habitual.

Aquaheat recognises that effective environmental management, planning and processes are an integral part of offering you quality service. We consider the environment throughout all phases of projects and maintenance service delivery including design, procurement / acquisition, management and ongoing operations. 

We stand by our Environmental Policy and are committed to environmental management and compliance with environmental legislation.

Our team and subcontractors, with support of the Aquaheat national operation and corporate structure, have the knowledge and understanding necessary to comply with all statutory requirements, legislations, local council regulations, Codes of Practice, and relevant customer organisational policy for service delivery.

Our Culture – Adding Value Every Day

By working together with our people and our clients, we enhance working environments, increase productivity and reduce costs without compromising safety, even in the most complex environments.

We strive to be the best at what we do. Our industry knowledge, depth of experience and technical competence allows us to deliver customised solutions with real value.

While we see ourselves as a "behind the scenes" organisation, we play a pivotal role in managing the delivery of projects and facilities maintenance services for our customers.

As a business-to-business services company, we keep things stress-free for our customers by providing outstanding people and contemporary, constantly evolving systems and programs.

Our Business Systems and Tools

Aquaheat’s proprietary systems are designed with proven technology and based on customer needs. This means you get maximum efficiency and value for money. Our highly experienced project and service delivery teams are assigned to customers based on their expertise and are supported by extensive corporate resources.

We consistently stay up to date with innovations in technology and processes and due to our size, are able to economically capitalise and pass on these benefits to you. Our risk and compliance programmes offer sophisticated capability and are designed to integrate with your operations wherever required.

We believe the implementation of a highly effective mobilisation strategy paves the way for a successful and sustainable partnership with our customers. We pride ourselves on matching you with the right mobilisation / service delivery team, who is solely focused on the planning, development and implementation of your contract. 

Our experience and commitment to investing in knowledge transfer provides a seamless integration into your operating environment.