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University of Auckland Building 302 Science Centre

Auckland, New Zealand

The Science Centre redevelopment delivers state of the art research and teaching facilities for the Faculty of Science and a new entranceway to the University.

The existing south podium of the Chemistry building (Building 301) on the corner of Symonds and Wellesley Streets was demolished and a new tower was constructed. The new building (Building 302) comprises eleven stories and a basement, with a total floor area of 23,500m2. Much of the adjacent tower building will also be refurbished, giving a total of almost 38,000m2 of new or refurbished space.

The mechanical services utilises water cooled chillers mounted in the basement and connected to roof mounted cooling towers for heat rejection. Heating is provided by gas fired boilers located in the level 11 plantroom. Chilled and heating water pipework is reticulated to the floors to serve two air handling units per floor and high efficiency matrix fan coil units.

As the building is a teaching environment close attention has been paid to the attenuation of noise from mechanical plant.

Air distribution into the spaces typically utilises high induction swirl diffuser which minimise drafts for optimum occupant comfort.

A total of 60 fume cupboards are installed in the building and the plastic flues are reticulated to special PVC exhaust fans located in the level 11 plant room.

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