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Save money and time with value engineering initiatives.

Engage Aquaheat before design completion and we’ll work with all stakeholders to significantly reduce the cost of our subcontract and associated building works. Working together ensures a more innovative and cost effective solution. A solution that not only focuses on the immediate budget, but considers the life cycle costs of the project. 

Cost, build-ability and program sequencing are important factors in the successful execution of any project and Aquaheat adds value by drawing on our significant engineering and design experience at all stages of the project.

Our Value Engineering & Design Development team focuses on the following key elements:

SYSTEM DESIGN: We review all aspects of the consultants’ design and identify opportunities where design elements can be rationalised or improved to provide cost benefits.

PLANT AND EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT: We investigate all possible procurement options to determine the most economic and efficient plant and equipment selections without compromising quality or performance.

RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS: We are very aware of the resource (labour and material) constraints in the current market and we’ll look at every opportunity to rationalise design to mitigate resources. This will include off-site fabrication and modularisation where possible.

CONSTRUCTION AND COMMISSIONING: With our Project Management team, including our Engineering and Design team, working in partnership with the building contractor and consultant we’re confident of a stress free experience and a superior result.

RELATIVE VALUE AND IMPACT OF CHANGES: We’ll take into account the relative cost saving of any proposed changes with respect to associated costs such as redesign and/or the effect on other services and trades.

ONGOING SERVICING AND OPERATING COSTS: Any decisions relating to alternative plant or design selections will take into account the impact on servicing and operating costs.

QUALITY AND FULL LIFE CYCLE COSTS: We recognise it’s easy to sacrifice quality and durability for an up-front cost saving. Our value engineering proposals are fully researched to ensure quality and durability are not compromised.

3D Modelling Drafting

Our highly skilled in-house specialists develop Consulting Engineers drawings into 3D intelligent Building Information Models (BIM) using Revit MEP for all mechanical services. 

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Running a large complex building project? Increase the life of your equipment, system efficiency and decrease long term operating costs with unique Aquaheat solutions. 

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Green Building

We specialise in ecologically sustainable, energy efficient buildings. Awareness of our effect on the environment has seen an increase in the number of projects focusing on improved energy efficiency. 

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